Hello world!

If only, 12mths ago, someone had told me to look at this blog. Oh, and by some miraculous time warp, I’d actually already written it too.

This blog is me, writing to me, about this crazy up and down journey called motherhood.

I’m not telling you what you ‘should’ do, or even what you could do.  There’s enough judgemental crap out there and I don’t want to add to it. So let me be clear: this is ME, writing to MYSELF.  I am so, so happy for you to read along and comment and ask questions but I am not telling you how to raise your babies.

Because the one thing that this past [nearly] 12 months has taught me is that NO ONE has raised my daughter and that means any advice, regardless of how lovingly imparted, is to be taken, mixed with my experience of my daughter, diluted by two parts my instinct as her mother and then baked and broken into bite size cookies. In other words, I’ll listen but what I choose is right, no matter what.

I also have learned that no one will be as hard on me as I will be and that sometimes, maybe, I am a little too hard on me.. this is something I might attempt to work on. At some point.

x S


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