There are no Judgy Mums

Dear Me,
So I’m sure you’ve read many blogs, articles, books, etc. that have warned you about the “Judgy Mum”. The Clique, the war of bf vs ff, disposal vs cloth nappy, sleep training vs attachment parenting.
Well I’m here to tell you that all that shit doesn’t exist, not in my experience anyway. Mum’s are the LAST person who’s going to judge you for shoving a dummy in Jnrs mouth so you can get through your grocery shopping. Choose the nappy type that suits you. Feed your baby the way that keeps them fed.
The mums you meet will support you, understand your pain and empathise with the crap you are going through. Whether it’s at a mother’s group, a parenting class, yoga, kindy gym or coffee… Talk to mums and be there for each other. They aren’t there to compete, they just want an ear, a shoulder, a laugh – just like you.
And in turn, you will be a supportive, loving, kind mum to all the mums you meet.
And as for all the Judgy mums as per the articles… Well I think they are a myth designed to sell some writers newest piece, a myth that has sadly had created a very real phobia amongst new mums.
So get out there and be unafraid. Mums are awesome.
x S


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