Encourage use of the “C Word”

Dear me,

This is a conversation I wish I’d had months ago with you. It would have saved you a lot of internal conflict, angst and some cold shoulder moments with your nearest and dearest.

You know your child. By 6 months, you know her. Trust that. Problem is, those around you feel compelled to offer advice, at times when you don’t ask for it. Second guess your parenting decisions. Tell you what you “should” do, or be doing. And this can make you (at best) a bit annoyed – or at worst, feeling hurt that they apparently don’t believe in your parenting. And you feel, next time they tell you to trust yourself, or that you’re doing a good job, like saying “why are you criticising my parenting then? Either you think I’m right or you think I’m wrong!” Sigh!
So here is my advice. Have this conversation with those who repeat offend. Encourage them to use the “C Word”.
Yep, the “C Word” – could.
Tell them, instead of saying “you should give her a bottle at 10am”, they might find it hurts you less if they change it up to the c word – “you COULD try giving her a bottle at 10am.”

Its so less offensive, so less demeaning. Much more gentle!

And it will save you the angst because you won’t feel criticised – instead of being told what you should be doing (which feels like an insinuation that your current method is wrong), you are simply being given a suggestion of something you could try. If you want to. Or not.

Much nicer 🙂

Be kind to you.

x S


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