The good times

Dear me,

I’m so good at dishing out advice regarding the trials to come, the rough spots to smooth, the sadness, uncertainty and pain to beat. But it’s not all like that.

Tonight, our little lady was unhappy after she was put to bed, which is unusual. Normally, she rolls onto her side playing with her two dummies [yep, dummies, bloody love them] and drifts contentedly off to sleep.

Not tonight. She whinged. Then she cried. I went in and did a quick resettle and left. She did NOT appreciate that! Crying escalated. Went back in and grabbed her up, sat in the rocker and had some cuddles. She quieted immediately and snuggled into me.

It was a sweet, silent, loving moment. We hugged and snuggled and I kissed her brow and told her how much I loved her. She stared up at me and her eyes said ‘I love you too mamma’.

And then I put her back into her cot and with one more kiss, left the room and she rolled onto her side and drifted off to sleep.

I could have let her cry a bit [I have plenty of times] because nothing was really wrong. I didn’t have to go in. But I’m so glad I did. It’s one of those times I know I’ll remember when she no longer needs cuddles and snuggles from me. I’ll remember, and I’ll be so glad I went in and held her to my heart.

And next time she whinges at bedtime, maybe I won’t go in, I’ll let her settle herself, and that will be ok too. I will know, in my soul, what she really needs and what I should do.

There are these amazing, self affirming, love-filled moments that are happening too. It’s just brilliant. They make me [you] feel so confident in your ability to be her amazing mother. So, so spot on, and so sure that you know your baby better than anyone else. So, rejoice. It’s not all spew and poop and feeling out of your depth.

I promise.

x S


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