Own it

Today the sun is shining in my world. I have my two important people with me, and our next important person within me. We are road tripping to see some dear friends get married and holiday whilst we’re at it. We have so many people looking forward to seeing us as much as we look forward to seeing them. I feel content and blessed, lucky and grateful. And I’m owning it. I’m letting myself dwell on how great it all feels right now. Wearing a silly smile for no reason, playing peek a boo with my little girl, telling dad jokes with my husband. Making the absolute most of my high spirits.
Because it’s not always like this. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s probably only 50/50 at the moment (or less!) with the added hormones and fatigue that my pregnancy has introduced. And on the bad days I don’t smile much. I struggle to play for more than a few minutes at a time. I don’t see the funny side of jokes. I’m not pleasant to be around; though I try to ensure I don’t take my misery out on others I’m still quiet and boring at the very least, on the bad days.
I let myself off being positive and happy and grateful on those days. I get through them but it’s ok to recognising they are shit.
Sooooo, on these good days I do the same. I own them. Embrace them. Make the most of them. Let my overriding emotion guide me. Be a very fun person to be around. Make up for the quiet days. Give joy, get  joy.
Life is short but it’s also the longest thing you’ll ever do. Don’t feel bad for the days you feel bad but make up for it on the days you feel good. Love yourself in all your moods, forgive yourself for being less than fun some days and embrace your silliness on others.
None of us is perfect, but we are all imperfectly us x

x S