I’m still ok, right?

Well last night was a new ‘low’ for me. The child picked at her pasta – the same pasta she had scoffed the night before – and ate really nothing but her bean mix (you know that four bean mix you can buy?). Then we went outside to lock up chooks and ended up chatting over the fence to neighbours and motorbike riding for 20 minutes. Get back inside and the child is obviously still hungry…I look at the time and consider the effort of another meal + time eating + cleanup ….and I offer her milk. She doesn’t have milk often … the older she gets the less she wants it … but last night she was def keen – cause she was still hungry! So she slammed down 2 small cups of milk and went to bed happy and I got out of doing dinner round 2 and the world was bright and shiny… until mummy guilt kicks in anyway. Sigh.
She survived. It’s not something I’d do or recommend others do on a regular basis, but as a once off, it’s OK….right???

x S


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