America’s Toddler Murders

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I am so angry right now I have tears in my eyes. A four year old boy just shot his “loving momma” in the back, with her gun, as she drove the car.

She is going to live. She’s lucky. She’s luckier still that her little 4 year old boy shot her and not himself.

I live in Australia and I am just aghast at the fact that America is so hell bent on protecting their “right to bear arms” that they are happy to murder toddlers to do so.

1. Your right to bear arms is a bastardised twist on a law that was hurriedly enacted during the Civil War and was never intended to arm every man, woman and CHILD in your nation, if my information is correct.
2. I continually hear arguments from the pro-gun lobby that it’s not RESPONSIBLE gun owners who are the problem so don’t penalise the RESPONSIBLE gun owners for the actions of the criminals….except here’s the thing. This woman is your poster child “responsible” gun owner darling. How fucking responsible is it to leave a loaded gun within reach of a four year old child? The kid is familiar enough with guns to point and shoot successfully but no four year old has enough comprehension of consequence to be safe. May I remind you that it wasn’t a criminal that shot this woman? It was a four year old child.
3. America’s prolific gun ownership and use has not made your country safer for anyone.  Not for you, not for your wife and sure as shit not for your children. Your gun crime rates are through the roof. You have toddler murderers. You have continuous multiple school shootings.  At what point will you gun lobbyists put the welfare of your children, the lives of your children, before your own egos?? Your attitude is so incredibly fucking selfish and whether you admit it or not your stance is all about YOU.

So – cuddle your hard, cold, deadly guns close, America. Continue to bury your children because you are too selfish to admit you are wrong. I pity you but I am heartbroken for your innocent children.

And to all the Americans who are trying so hard to enact change and protect your kids – I wish you luck and fortitude and just know that you can always try immigrating to Australia where we value the lives of our kids more than our own egos and ‘likes’ on Facebook.


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