Those days when…

…’tired’ doesn’t cover the exhaustion you feel on every level: emotional, mental and physical. The absolute weariness, so strong it’s all you can do to not close your eyes and lay your head on the nearest available surface. 

…anger is your constant companion; always near, listening, watching, waiting for any opportunity to explode from you and take no prisoners.

…defeat is an overwhelming feeling – when any goal or task seems to beat you, sometimes before you even try to tackle it.

…despair runs through your veins; “Why do I feel like this? Why can’t I snap out of this? When will I feel normal again? What’s wrong with me?!”

…fear makes your heart heavy, fear of there being no light at the end of your tunnel, no other side to come out on, no day in your future when you can look back at this time and know it’s over and done.

…loved ones notice your mood and step in.

…loved ones think of reasons to chat just a little longer.

…loved ones lighten the burden, add some laughter to the somber day, some reassurance to your doubt, distract you from the monotony of your own darkness.

…when bed and sleep are so welcomed and hope rises for a better day tomorrow.


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