The Slaying of Amber Sherlock


I am sad today. And, refreshingly [god I feel awful saying it but its true], the sadness is not abnormal or about me. Its about Amber Sherlock.

You’ve probably seen the video going mad on social media. Amber and 2 colleagues, getting ready for a segment on some TV show they’re on.  If you haven’t seen it – in a nutshell all three women are wearing white and Amber [who is leading the segment] is cranky at one of the other women who she says [in the video] she had asked two and a half hours previously to change or put a different coloured jacket on.  That woman did not, for whatever reason, and suddenly, five minutes to show time she comes on screen and Amber is clearly annoyed and frustrated and demands she puts a jacket on. At one point she says, “Wardrobe will go mental if we are all wearing white!” which indicates that her motivation is not personal but rather, professional.  And, as pointed out in this opinion piece, if all three women had gone on air in white, the public would have crucified them.

But now – some website has taken the off air footage, done some editing and shared it on facebook with the lovely tagline:

Channel Nine newsreader Amber Sherlock has epic diva meltdown over a presenter wearing the same colour DRESS as her
so called “professional journalists”
Please share the shit out of this to “attempt” and make this sheila embarrassed !

I am so sad.

The vitriol that has been directed at Amber is depressing and hateful. The comments are mean, unfair, downright wrong, cruel, unnecessary…. I could go on.

Some really smart, loving women I know have shared this video, thus promoting the hatred and meanness and online keyboard warrior bullying and I am shocked.  I just don’t understand it?

The situation is that two professional women butted heads at work and someone saw it as an opportunity to ‘go viral’, get their 15 minutes of fame. Never mind the hurtful, hateful things that would be written about the human being in the video. Her feelings don’t matter, she’s a princess, she’s on TV so she’s fair game, who cares, right?

Wrong. We should be focusing on shaming people who are actually doing something wrong. Criminals. Sexual Predators. Those exploiting the elderly and the vulnerable. Spend your energy on sharing those videos, shaming those people, raising awareness of those actions.  Get passionate about children dying, communities being destroyed. Bombs falling on hospitals.  Women dying in childbirth. Men committing suicide at higher rates than ever before. Cancer killing tiny, helpless babies.  That is the shit that really matters!

And as for Amber…

Realise that Amber Sherlock is an actual, real person. She could be your sister / wife / girlfriend / mother.  Would you be ok with people saying such hateful, cruel shit about her just based on an edited, 3 minute video that deliberately portrays her poorly?  If you wouldn’t like that – then why would you do it to someone elses sister / wife / girlfriend / mother?

Could she have handled it better? Possibly.  Is it really any of our business? Nope. Are we all so fucking perfect that we have any right to publicly judge another human the way this woman is being judged? I don’t fucking think so.

Are we, as a society, so shallow, petty, careless and heartless that we are ok with hurting others for nothing more than 30 seconds of amusement?

It makes me sad. We are better than this people. At least, I hope we are.



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