about mammadontstress

I’m a woman, a bit of a photographer, a sewing and crochet creator. I love animals and this planet and am always trying to learn new things.

I’m also a FIFO wife and a mamma to a beautiful little lady and a brand new wee man.  Its been the toughest time of my life.  I have a hugely critical view of myself and I’ve struggled with being super sensitive, super emotional and intense since I was a kid and this new phase in my life has really challenged me.

So trying to raise a tough newborn, finish a house, deal with warring and issue-ridden dogs and find a life in a new town whilst being on my own more than half the time has been a challenge, to understate it! And now to throw a new baby at me has just raised the ante again.

This blog is for me to write to me, to say the things I wish I could have told myself 12, 10, 6, hell, even 2 months ago.  Kind of free therapy.  Maybe a way for me to start to appreciate all the things I do do, rather than beat myself up over all things I don’t.

Its also a place where I might express gratitude…an opinion…vent a little… you name it, it might appear here. Its my journal, my blackboard, my diary, my scratchpad.

Or something like that 😉

x S


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